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User-defined gap-fill...

A random gap-fill is always generated automatically based on your text in textivate. And because it is randomly generated, the gaps change each time the exercise is loaded. But this screen creates an extra gap-fill exercise where you decide which words are gapped.

Click on the words in the text below to toggle between gapped / ungapped. A gapped word appears as underlined on this screen (and with [#] in front of them on the textivate edit screen - you can add gaps manually in this way if you prefer). You can have more than one word per gap: first make 2 consecutive words gapped, then click on the '+' symbol to join / unjoin. (Words joined as one gap appear as joined with an underscore _ on the textivate edit screen.)

You can add clues / prompts for your gaps if you like. To do this, type your clue or prompt after the # on the textivate edit screen, like this: [#your clue here]the_gapped_word. N.B. Clues / prompts only appear when the word list is not displayed.

You can also add "red herrings" if you like. These are words or answers which do not fit in any of the gaps in your text. Scroll down to below the text box for more information. N.B. Red herrings only appear when the word list is displayed.

A maximum of 26 gaps will be displayed in your exercise (26 will be selected at random if you have more).

This user-defined gap-fill exercise can be accessed via an additional gap-fill button on the textivate menu screen.

Number of gaps: 0   Remove all gaps

Red herrings:

Add extra gaps here to make your gap-fill more difficult. Make sure these are words that cannot be correct in any of the gaps you have created in your text above. The extra gaps can have more than one word per gap. Separate your extra "red herring" gaps with a semi-colon ( ; )

e.g.: first gap;second gap;number three;another

N.B. These "red herring" gaps only appear if you choose to show the word list, but they limit the number of gaps available for your exercise if the total number of genuine gaps + red herring gaps is more than 26. If this is the case, all of the red herring gaps are used and the genuine gaps are selected randomly to make up 26 gaps in total.



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